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Our experience matters

Heritage is recognised as the largest privately-owned introducer of asset-based finance in Australia. Since inception we have completed just under $1 billion in equipment finance, offering solutions in everything from heavy equipment and fixed plant to buses, coaches, trucks and car fleets.

We were the first people to introduce 10-year loans to the coach industry. We understand the different governments, industry groups and political environments of each state. We know all the major financiers and banks. The plain fact is we understand our industries, and the worlds in which they operate, better than anyone.

We also know people. Our clients are mostly in the coach, forestry, transport and printing industries, and they are mostly family-owned firms. Our industry networks run deep and are spread throughout Australia. And our staff? Our staff are everything. They are the driving force in creating lasting change in our clients’ businesses.

At Heritage we don’t claim to be Australia’s largest company in terms of personnel, because that doesn’t matter. What we are, is the largest in terms of transactions volume in our sectors. Those sectors are the coach and logging industries and we have a level of integrity, experience and intellectual IP that is unmatched by the rest of the industry.

PLEASE NOTE: We are in no way affiliated with the entity Heritage Financial Solutions.